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    VividGlow LED Strip Lights

    £19.99 £26.99
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    Discover the ultimate lighting solution with our LED Strip Lights. Enhance the atmosphere of any room with a choice of three cutting-edge control modes: Remote, Bluetooth, and Dream Light. Our LED Light Strips are designed for complete customization, allowing you to effortlessly adjust and trim them to your desired length, adding the perfect touch of illumination to every corner of your home.

    🌟 Introducing the Classic Remote Control LED Light Tape 🌟

     Revitalize your living spaces with our Remote Control LED Light Tape. Effortlessly adhere it to any flat surface, activate it using the included remote control, and witness the magical transformation of your room.

    🎨 Explore 14 Captivating Color Modes 🎨


    Experience Next-Level Control with Bluetooth LED Light Tape 📱

    Take command of your room's vibe right from your smartphone. Our Bluetooth LED Light Tape provides you with an array of lighting options, offering an astonishing 16 million colors and over 40 dynamic lighting modes. Immerse yourself in effortless control and witness your space come alive.

    🌈 Immerse Yourself in 16 Million Colors 🌈
    🎉 Explore 40+ Dynamic Lighting Modes 🎉
    📲 Effortlessly Manage Colors via Bluetooth 📲


    Product Specifications 

    Voltage: 12V
    Power Source: DC
    Adapter plug: EU/UK Plug Available
    Power Adapter: AC110V/240V DC12V

    Elevate your surroundings with the versatile brilliance of LED Strip Lights. Embrace the fusion of innovation and aesthetics, and let light define your space.